Česká města
Zahraniční města

The Return of the Caravels


The stories in the book intermingle reality with fiction and history with the present. The novel portrays Portugal, depicting the dubious glory of the past, the instability of the present, and an uncertain future. The impacts of the colonial trauma and chaos accompanying the transition from the totalitarian regime to democracy in 1974 on the country´s further development are reflected in the image of Lisbon as a city of poverty and dirt, without hope for returnees and for the masses of Africans living in slums. Thanks to the use of a fragmentary structure, unfettered imagination, harsh images contrasting with poetic ones, and, at the same time, drawing from different environments, especially the sea and  sailing, and the use of vehicles of expression, the book ranks among the most remarkable contemporary novels.


Translation: Marie Havlíková, Garamond 2018