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A Minor Annihilation (Mała zagłada)


The refined autobiographical dialogue of a daughter with her mother who, as a child, experienced the burning down of her village, the death of her parents and most of her relatives, touches on the deepest existential questions about the causes of evil. The historical facts say: in the occupied Poland, thousands of villages were exterminated by the Nazis in the years 1939-1945. However, as the author says, "what shakes us must be specific and have a name," as is the case with a vanished village: Sochy. The mother's memories, but also the images of her unexplained sadness and the child´s attempts to understand her beloved parents, are the starting point for a difficult journey revealing mass crimes of the 20th century, many of which have happened only recently and have affected our lives to this day.


Translation: Petruška Šustrová, Občanské sdružení PANT 2017