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The Bird Tribunal (Fugletribunalet)


Two people, two secrets, and the past from which there is no escape, wherever you are. After a public scandal, Allis Hagtorn, a TV broadcaster, leaves her job in the city and volunteers to find a place of exile close to a remote fjord. But it soon turns out that her new job is not exactly what she expected. Nor is her quiet, grumpy employer, Sigurd Bagge, a forty-year-old man, as old as she supposed. While waiting for Sigurd´s wife to return from her travels, their silent and restless meetings unfold in a strangely obsessive relationship; then it becomes apparent that repentance for past sins is not enough... The Bird Tribunal is an ingeniously built novel, which combines a psychological thriller, a socio-critical novel, and an in-depth study of interpersonal relationships.


Translation: Eva Dohnálková, Plus 2018