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My Tank

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The naively childish tale of the young Hungarian lieutenant, a tank driver, introduces the reader to the atmosphere and events of 1968. We may witness top-level secret talks or secret hunting trips of top politicians in Topoľčianky: this young man, with firmly held political and ideological communist views, also acts as a Russian interpreter for Janos Kadar. Through the story of the narrator, we may follow the development of the Czechoslovak events from the previous winter time to the 1968 August occupation, when his tank unit, in somewhat tragicomic circumstances, occupies the town of Levice. This is where the love story of the novel culminates. It becomes, due to naive as well as absurd circumstances, a symbolic expression of the whole situation, including a small plastic tank and soldiers that make up the real world and identity of the adult narrator.


Translation: Simona Kolmanová, Větrné mlýny 2018