Česká města
Zahraniční města

The Dirty Dust


This renowned Irish classic, The Dirty Dust, has been made into both film and theater versions; however, it has been translated into only a few languages and was published in English as late as last year. The reason for this is the enormous translational difficulty of the text, which sparkles with puns and uses a narrowly defined dialect. Everything begins when Caitrin, the main hero, is dead and buried. But is her grave in a costly place or a cheap place? Did they give her the right grave clothes? And the cross? Did they care for her? Did they try to cheat on her, like, good lord, when she was still alive? Well, anyway, with all of her "roommates" (and there are many of them), she will be able to discuss all that thoroughly. They have time enough -- all eternity. The Czech translation was awarded the Magnesia Litera 2018 Book Prize.


Translation: Radvan Markus, Argo 2017